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Ativan is often the first medication a doctor will turn to for a patient who is suffering mild effects from a mood disorder such as anxiety or panic attacks. This popularity is well deserved as Ativan proves to be effective for most patients and this eliminates much of the trial and error approach that used to exist with older medications in order to find one that works for an individual patient. Anxiety and panic disorders affect a large percent of the population and many people avoid seeking treatment because of the stigmas that are often associated with mood disorders. Unfortunately, leaving these psychological symptoms untreated can lead to the manifestation of physical symptoms as well and produce a general decline in the quality of health. Ativan effectively overcomes the psychological symptoms and, secondarily, many of these physical symptoms and can allow a person to improve both their physical and mental health.

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Ativan is also an effective treatment when used with those patients who may be suffering from type of sleep disorder such as extended bouts of insomnia. Ativan can help those suffering from these types of ailments to achieve a good nightís sleep without having to face many of the side effects that are associated with other medications such as sleeping pills. Sleep is achieved through the same mechanism as overcoming panic and anxiety, by slowing down brain activity. Lack of sleep can be one of the most decisive factors when a personís health begins to fail. Proper rest and sleep are critical to the bodyís efforts to heal itself and return to its previous healthy state.

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